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Water treatment for the world with energy and nature

With our partner Kalong Corp in Vietnam, we have now developed a water treatment plant that converts river water into drinking water.
Our smallest facility can generate 10 m³ of drinking water on the day.
In our system, water can be taken for showering and washing in a first cleaning step. In the second stage we get pure drinking water.
The aim is to allow access to drinking water at a very low cost.
The device shown in our video is still an experimental system.
We will now bring the plant to serial production.


A Brief History of CO2 Emissions 
The biggest solar farm in Thuringia stands on KRINNER ground screws and mounting System
Gotha In the district of Gotha, at the heart of Thuringia, the biggest solar farm of the state was built in less than two months. The general contractor Enviromena commissioned Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH with the supply and installation of 10,108 ground screws and 16,366 running meters of frames for the investor and module manufacturer Masdar PV. Before the turn of the year 2011/2012, numerous functional tests confirmed the system was generating power exactly as planned.
At a rated peak power of 11.7 megawatts (MWp), the Masdar PV modules built on former military area will generate 10.5 million kilowatt hours of solar electricity each year. That means the farm will produce enough electricity to supply some 2,500 four-person households. This will save 9,300 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year, which equates to the exhaust from over 4,000 medium-sized vehicles.
The new photovoltaic power plant employs both micromorphous and amorphous silicon modules from Masdar PV. That the farm was built so quickly and efficiently is due mainly to the 17,320 full-sized modules (2.6 x 2.2 m) it uses, which were produced using the latest micromorphous technology. These 5.7 m² modules, which deliver nearly two thirds of the farm's 11.7 MW, are considerably larger than any other solar products in use. It was the size of these modules that allowed such an efficient installation, as evidenced by the very short assembly time of less than six weeks for the entire farm.
The project is the largest solar farm in Thuringia and the first large-area application of the new, high-efficiency, full-sized modules manufactured using micromorphous technology. Only with the efficient project management of KRINNER, as supplier and installer of the supporting frames, and coordination with the system integrator Enviromena could the module installation be completed so quickly and thereby contribute its share towards the region's supply of electricity from renewable energies.
Carlino, Friuli/Italy
The difficult and soft soil required special foundations.
The stable layers only starting 2.5m deep, the ground
screws were installed at an anchoring depth of 3.5m.
25,154 kWp total capacity
117,604 modules
44,458 ground screws
Veprek, Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic, we built the country‘s largest solar
farm. With 185,760 solar modules on 23,578 ground screws,
it is one of the 20 largest worldwide.
34.4 MWp total capacity
49,518m construction length
185,760 modules
23,578 ground screws

Our business partners and friends Mr. Nguyen Cong Minh and Mr. Phan Quang Cuong visited Germany from 28.08.2017 until 02.09.2017 to convince themselves of the performance of our technology. In the coming week, we had an extensive program to work out.
At 6:30 am local time our friends arrived at the airport Frankfurt. So that we do not lose any time, we have already broken up at 7:00 o'clock to the company SMA to Kassel.
Immediately after a friendly reception, at the company SMA and after various company information, we have set ourselves up to inspect the inverter production.
Immediately after the end of the plant visit at SMA, which was very interesting for our friends, we went to Chemnitz, where the next day Heckert expected us.
At Heckert, we looked at the module production in peace, and also got the corresponding explanations for the extraordinary product quality. Unfortunately we were not allowed to make any pictures in the module production.

Also the day at the company Heckert was quickly over. With many new impressions and information about the module production, the day came to an end.
The next morning we went to visit the company Solarwatt in Dresden. The company Solarwatt offers many special solutions. Thus, the glass glass module is a product which is used in a very large number of small niche markets.
Here, too, we got an extensive insight into the production. Unfortunately, pictures were also forbidden here.
If you already visit the beautiful city of Dresden, look at the beauties of the city once.
After we had visited the Frauenkirche, we were ready for a little break.
The next day we set out to visit Krinner in Plattling. Krinner builds assembly structures that are used all over the world. By means of special earth screws, the constructions find optimal support on every floor. We were able to convince our visitors in detail about the design and the assembly technology used.
After work done, you have to rest. The best way to do this is with a nice glass of beer. Despite the full schedule, we have also found the time to discuss our impressions. Our partners in Germany have convinced our friends of Vietnam.
In the end, we all agreed. With our German technology, we bring the people of Vietnam an energetic future without any environmental pollution. Together, we want to lay a lasting foundation in Vietnam for the future with renewable energy.

Neuer Vetriebspartner in Vietnam
Vietnam business
Vu dinh Toan
Hochiminh City
Tel. 0084933339033
Huy Hoang Mai
Tel. 0170/8834568
Hello dear energy and nature friends, I would like to introduce myself to you today. I have been working in the energy sector since 1983. In the first years, I focused on energy distribution in buildings and building automation. The entry into renewable energy began with photovoltaics in 1999. Our company has now implemented more than 1,000 photovoltaic projects in Germany. We have been focusing on small wind turbines as well as the storage of electricity and independence from fossil fuels since 2010. Our energy concepts allow us to develop stand-alone solutions that are independent from other energy suppliers. All our solutions are tailored to our customers to ensure that profitability is high on the priority list. In 2016, we will be targeting customers in Vietnam with our products and services, which is why my friends and business partners are currently there. Your project is in good, reputable hands with us, andyou can rely on German workmanship. Place your trust in me and my friends representing our company in Vietnam. I would be also happy to answer any questions personally that you may have.


Wir haben einen Vorvertrag für 100 MW PV der auch vom Minister der auf den Bildern zu sehen ist, abgesegnet wurde.

Happy arrival in Vietnam
Huy hoang Mai and Vu dinh Toan
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